Founders of Vista Bella Costa Rica

Co-founded by a small group of passionate individuals, Vista Bella Costa Rica stands as their heartfelt representation of what coastal living can and should be. For that very reason, we’d like to introduce you to a few of those original founders:

Jim Mandas

An entrepreneur with a decades-long passion for Costa Rica, Jim always speaks fondly of his first trip there, “My wife, Laura, and I fell in love with it on our very first visit and soon decided to invest in the land and live the dream.” Now, Jim has been been developing there ever since. And while his heart belongs to Vista Bella, Jim currently resides in Long Beach California and works as a Director for Molina Healthcare, a Fortune 500 company.

Jeff Allen

A Co-founder and member of the Board of Directors, Jeff currently resides in the local town of Marbella, where he is fully focused on improving the community through local activism, charity and development. Acting as a hands-on owner/operator when it comes to improving the area, he has a good eye for both regional and national trends and is proud to have forged lasting relationships with the local government municipalities such as Water, Power, and Agriculture.

Ian Silverberg

Also a Co-founder and member of the Board of Directors, Ian holds more than 15 years experience in both commercial and residential real estate investment and syndication, and has managed more than 15 successful real estate ventures in his career. Additionally, he continues to build upon more than 20 years of business ownership, management and consulting experience in various capacities, including overseeing the acquisition, development and management of a 30,000 sq. ft. premier athletic club in Santa Barbara, California.