Costa Rica is a mecca for surfers from all over the world, and offers some of the best waves in the world. Marbella Costa Rica, also referred to as Playa Frijolar, Playa Coco, or simply Playa Marbella, is one of the most consistent surf breaks in Costa Rica. This article provides an overview of Playa Marbella and things to do while you’re in the area.

When you arrive at Playa Marbella, it feels like you’ve stumbled upon your own hidden tropical beach. Unlike the crowded beach towns of Nosara or Tamarindo, you’ll see birds soaring over the water, hear the sound of crashing waves and smell the fresh ocean air. No music, no hoards of people. No fighting for a parking spot. The sand at Playa Marbella is light gray and the water is crystal clear. You will often find people camping and barbecuing on the beach and watching the sunset go down.

Directions to Playa Marbella

Playa Marbella is 88 kilometers (54 miles) from Liberia Airport and nestled 1/2 way between Tamarindo and Nosara. Once you pull into the town of Marbella, take the first right (if drving from the North), after the soccer field and drive for about one mile until you hit Playa Frijolar. Follow the beach front road North for about one mile and you will find the legendary Tikki Restaurant and Play Coco. Park under the trees and enjoy paradise.

The Surf at Playa Marbella

Playa Marbella has two main breaks that are considered the most consistent waves in the region. On the northern end of the beach is Playa Coco, a powerful and barreling short to normal beach break that goes right and left. Towards the southern end of the beach is Playa Frijolar, a mellow normal to long left point break which is ideal for beginners surfers looking for all-around fun. Throughout the year, the waves are generally steady, reaching up to 150 meters. But since the beach is rarely crowded, surfers can enjoy many exciting sessions here throughout the year. 

Hotel Cabinas Las Olas, Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, and Ollie’s Point Surf Camp are just some of the few well-known surf schools that hold lessons at playa Marbella. Costa Rican pro surfer Carlos Munoz is known to surf the Marbella waves from time to time.


Playa Marbella

Playa Marbella

Dining at Playa Marbela

Surfing Playa Marbella won’t be complete without sampling its culinary offerings. Of course, the best, most authentic cuisine is best enjoyed in the home of a Guanacaste local. Make sure to drop by any of these famous Marbella eats before or after your grueling surf session:

Tiki Hut Bar & Restaurant: The Tiki Hut Bar is famous for its awesome Pacific Ocean views and and local cuisine. The Tiki is located right at the beach and has been a Playa Marbella mainstay for several years.

Soda Ferretería Marbella: This local Soda is my favorite in town and located right off 160 as you enter the town of Marbella. The Soda is on the same property as the Hardware store on the South side of 160. Excellent classic soda plates – what more do you need afte a fun day at the beach.

Tiki Bar & Restaurant Playa Marbella

Tiki Bar & Restaurant Playa Marbella

Gated Communities in Marbella Costa Rica

The idyllic location of Playa Marbella also makes it a highly sought-after place among expats looking for gated communities in Guanacaste. The Vistabella gated community, located in Marbella Costa Rica, offering estate size homesites with complete infrastructure ready for building including water, fiber, electricity, roads and an HOA. If you have any questions about surfing this magic break or about buying land in Marbella, send me a message and we can jump on a quick call.