In 2019 the AyA began exploring new drinking water in Marbella, Cosa Rica as part of an effort to expand water access in high growth areas.

Concerns about the continuity of drinking water access still plague parts of Costa Rica, including Guanacaste. To familiarize you and keep you apprised of the water situation in the area, this post provides background information and updates on the drinking water in Marbella, Costa Rica.

Drinking Water Capacity and Quality

Groundwater is the primary water source in Costa Rica, where it accounts for nearly 90% of Costa Rica’s agricultural, industrial, and domestic water demands, with the exception of hydroelectric generation. Costa Rica’s public water and sewerage utility (AyA) is in charge of handling and overseeing all aspects of potable water services, wastewater, rainwater collection, and enforcing the country’s general potable water legislation.

In 2019, AyA undertook comprehensive hydrological research on several wells in Marbella to determine water consumption, quality, and long-term volume capacity of drinking water supply in Marbella, Costa Rica. The study, published in 2020, revealed that the well serving the Vista Bella gated community has good water quality, at quantities sufficient for the 90 homesites in the development.

In addition to adequate water supply, the residents of Vista Bella and those that live in the Nicoya Peninsula benefit from a high water mineral content, specifically calcium. In fact, the water in Nicoya contains more calcium than any other place in Costa Rica.

Future Water developement projects to expand access

The AyA stated that it is adopting a more proactive approach to addressing water issues to benefit everyone in the community. According to the AyA’s press department, AyA began drilling a new well last year on May 21, 2021, to expand the supply of drinking water in Playa Marbella.

Aside from investments in water infrastructure at Playa Marbella, AyA also launched 11 similar projects in the cantons of Bagaces, Nicoya, Cañas, Abangares, and Carrillo in the second half of 2021. These projects are part of the government’s thrust to ensure water security in the Chorotega Region and the rest of the country. 

Also, as Costa Rica locals and residents are moving to protect the environment, especially watershed forests and freshwater sources, water undersupply and insecurity may soon become a thing of the past.

Make an Informed Decision about drinking water in Marbella costa rica

As more people are moving to Costa Rica and looking to build their future homes in areas such as Marbella, water supply becomes a genuine concern. If you’re interested in Costa Rica real estate, it’s crucial to be informed about the water supply in the development you’re considering. Make sure that the Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers or Acueductos y Alcantarillados (AyA) has certified the well system to ensure you can obtain a building permit — without an approved water source, you won’t be able to build your dream home.

When you’re seriously planning on building a home and living in Costa Rica, it is highly recommended that you educate yourself about the water wells and the management in the community you are considering. 

While AyA is working on expanding access to reliable and safe drinking water supply for everyone in Playa Marbella and the rest of the country, take the time to learn if the land you are considering has a well system that’s certified by AyA. This way, you know right away whether the property you want has access to a continuous supply of potable water and that there are no issues with obtaining a building permit.

Benefits of Vista Bella

Whether you’re looking to move to or retire in Costa Rica or looking for Costa Rica land for sale, Vista Bella is a prime choice. If you decide to live at Vista Bella, you won’t have to worry about building permits or whether you’ll have water for your new house as projects like this have already been approved and verified by AyA.

Please reach out to us if you have questions about the drinking water in Marbella.