Vista Bella Costa Rica private community adds a new entry management system to improve security and entry experience.  “The objective of the improvement was to protect the growing value of the Vista Bella community and improve the overall entry experience” said Sean McLaughlin, president of the Vista Bella HOA.

As one of the founders of Vista Bella, I feel the HOA leadership team did a great job of evaluating the various options, including live guards, video, telephone entry boxes, virtual guards, and selected a feasible solution that balanced the HOA budget and anticipate benefits. The new system includes a new main entrance gate with remote control entry for owners; all property owners are provided a remote control unit to operate the new electronic gate. For non-owners, restricted entry is now enforced requiring all guests and vendors to be placed on a visitor log before entry is granted. The main entrance is staffed 24/7 to monitor and track all vehicles in and out of the Vista Bella community.

In a recent HOA meeting, Sean stated, “We’re seeing a lot less traffic since we implemented the new entrance and access control process”.  “We are also seeing a reduction of “open range” cattle entering the community, which is a big benefit to the six homes that are fully constructed with landscaping.  Protecting this investment is a top priority of the property owners and the HOA leadership team”. So far all the owners welcome the new rules and structure governing entry into the Vista Bella Costa Rica community.  The consensus is that the added security adds value to their homes and surrounding property, which can help keep the appearances and value of the community up.